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what is a doula?

The Oxford Dictionary defines a doula as “A woman who gives help, support and advice to another woman during pregnancy and during and after the birth” 

As your antenatal and birth doula I do just that, offer unconditional support through your pregnancy and stay with you – no shift change – throughout your labour until you meet your baby. I listen to your hopes and fears about labour and birth, offering non-judgemental information to support you and your partner to make the choices you want for your birth.

This is your birth – as your doula it is my privilege to facilitate and support the space you are creating together, as part of your birth story.

As your postnatal doula I am with you as little or as much as you need after your baby is born, I’m there for you as you make your transition to motherhood. I can make a meal, wash the dishes, put on the laundry, hold the baby while you take a shower, or just make a cup of tea…sit with you…and listen!

do you need a doula?

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Hilary Pengelly – antenatal, birth and postnatal doula