Covid-19: Pandemic birth – women’s stories

“Doula-ing from a distance: better than nothing”

I have written about the impact of Covid-19 on my work as a birth doula. You can find my article in the AIMS journal by following the link below. The special edition of the journal serves as an important record of these extraordinary times.

From Emma Ashworth (Editor):

AIMS Journal 32:2 1 June 2020

Our second Journal of 2020, “Pandemic birth: Women’s own stories during Covid-19”, focuses on how Covid-19 has impacted on the pregnancies and births of women and birth workers. The Journal documents the stories of 20 women, and how the pandemic affected their births. We hope that these stories help to inform those who are managing the maternity services, showing them how their decisions about care offered, and treatment of women during this time, can make the difference between a positive birth and severe trauma. Please do share this Journal with your local MVP, and the midwifery and obstetrics services to make its influence as wide as possible.

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