New COVID-19 Arrangements: In normal circumstances, antenatal and postnatal visits are undertaken in person and I attend the birth at hospital or at home.

However, because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, alternative arrangements are in place in order to:

  • protect the health and safety of the parent, the baby, the Doula and medical staff;
  • comply with NHS rules and policy guidance;
  • comply with emergency government legislation.

I will support you via video link, phone call or other remote means that we will agree.

Fees for Virtual/Remote Doula service: £400 


Initial consultation for antenatal/birth doula support (no charge/no obligation): I meet with you for up to one hour to discuss your needs, and to outline what I can offer you.

Standard antenatal and birth doula support package – £600.00 in line with Doula UK guidance  My traveling expenses are charged at 45pence per mile (ppm) for journeys up to 50 miles, 40ppm thereafter.

I offer bespoke antenatal and birth/postnatal doula support to include a range of services in line with your requirements; you may identify a day of particular antenatal doula support, or you may want the complete birth support package – the choice is yours. I am happy to discuss your support needs and negotiate a mutually acceptable fee, so please contact me for a chat.

Postnatal support – charged at £15.00* hourly rate. I am an independent post-natal doula. I do not offer night-shifts, but otherwise I am flexible about times worked; the timing, frequency and duration of these sessions can be negotiated depending on your needs (travel expenses as above). * After 20 hours of work my hourly rate reduces to £12.00ph

Birth reflection service – £50.00 for up to 1.5 hours; subsequent sessions charged at £40 per hour. We can meet in your home or a private meeting room, wherever you feel most comfortable.

Baby loss support – a bespoke service. Please contact me to discuss your support needs.

Finally…as your doula, I offer knowledge, experience and a deep commitment to you; my fees reflect all three. In return I ask for fair compensation for my services. However, if financial issues are a concern for you, we can discuss a payment plan to spread the cost of my services; please talk to me about this.