I have testimonials dating from 2014 – please see Archived Testimonials page https://devondoula.com/archived-testimonials-2014-2018/

In-person birth doula support (home birth) testimonial: We can’t thank Hilary enough for the amazing support that she gave us as our doula! As a first time mother who had recently moved to Devon, it was really important for us to find someone who could support us before, during and after my baby’s birth as we didn’t have our usual network of family and friends close to hand.

Hilary surpassed all our expectations. She provided the perfect balance of knowledge and experience and immediately put me and my husband at our ease with her friendly and informative manner. Hilary stepped into the shoes of a mother, friend and protector. She held the space beautifully for me during my labour which allowed me to relax completely and trust the process. We had a fabulous home birth and I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy with Hilary’s fantastic support and encouragement while the midwife was still climbing the stairs!

Thank you, Hilary, for helping us to make the birth of Felix one of the most empowering and transformative experiences of our lives. 
(S and J August 2021)

Virtual Birth Doula Support testimonial: Thank you so much for being our Doula. Before this year I didn’t really know what a doula was, but now I would 100% recommend you to anyone giving birth soon. Although, as it worked out, we were only able to meet on-line I have no doubt that your contribution and support helped us feel positive and have a wonderful birth experience.

We found you at a time when I was feeling quite lost and apprehensive about the birth (even before the pandemic and it’s impact on Maternity Services came along).

Our conversations made me feel listened to, and that my thoughts and feelings were valid. These chats alongside your signposting (when requested) to evidence-based and relevant information played a part in turning around how I felt and enabled me to feel positive and empowered to birth my beautiful baby daughter.

Thank you very much from all of us. Much love…” (A and A July 2020)

Birth Doula support testimonial: “I’m so happy with my birth story! And I owe a big part of that to Hilary. It was a comforting feeling to know there was always someone on the end of the phone who would be there to give informed support. The last couple of weeks of my pregnancy were quite stressful. Hilary was a calming influence and after talking with her I would feel many of my worries ease up!” (HF March 2020)

Postnatal doula support testimonial: “Hilary was my post birth doula. I had Hilary recommended from a mental health team. At first I didn’t know what to expect, Hilary was my fairy godmother. I had a very bad experience in hospital and was suffering with low mood. This amazing lady brought me back to life. She really knows her stuff. My twin boys and I will be forever grateful. Hilary goes above and beyond and is highly professional throughout. I only wish I had her longer ! Cannot recommend enough! A lovely lady whom I will hold dearly!” (PP November 2019)

Birth doula support testimonial: “I gave birth to my beautiful boy in August in the birthing pool at my house. Having only moved to Devon in June I was quite late in finding a doula but Hilary was so understanding and I immediately knew we would click after our first phone conversation. My boy decided to stay comfy for 43 weeks and Hilary was so supportive as I held out to go into labour naturally and have my home birth. When the time came Hilary held space for me beautifully, allowing my mum to concentrate on looking after my 4 year old and giving me the space to relax and turn inward. The midwives arrived just before I gave birth so for most of active labour it was just Hilary and myself. She kept me hydrated and gave words of support and everything went smoothly. I can’t thank Hilary enough for her support, she was integral to my wonderful birthing experience.” (RT November 2019)

Birth doula support testimonial: “Having Hilary as our doula was like having a second mum, but one who had extensive knowledge of pregnancy and birth!
Having suffered trauma in my first birth and mental health problems following it, it was important to me to have support leading up to, during and after the birth, someone who wasn’t just going to say ‘well they know best’ and Hilary provided just that. She supported me to step away from the emotion of the moment and make informed decisions that were best for me, even when things weren’t going to plan. During the birth she held the birth space (despite having her foot in a cast!) and added to the feeling of it being a casual every day yet magical event. She was always quietly listening ensuring my birth preferences were adhered to. I had the most incredible, intense and quick labour, and when the going got tough she reminded me to breath, when the going got really tough and I shouted ‘get him out’ she told me ‘he is out! His head is out, feel!’ which was an unforgettable moment.
Hilary’s support didn’t stop there; her photos and after the birth visits allowed me to process and remember the birth fully, and our photos I will forever treasure; when breastfeeding was tough she was only a message away, and when I was tired and hungry she gave me the most delicious push cake!
Hilary’s support goes above and beyond because she truly loves women and I’m proud to now call her a friend.” (LC March 2019)

Birth Reflection Service Testimonial “Four years after the birth of my first daughter and pregnant with my second, I realised I was suffering delayed trauma from my first labour. Being able to access Hilary’s birth reflection service was invaluable in helping me work through this. She gave me the time and space to talk through the experience in detail, validating my thoughts and feelings. Hilary was able to impart knowledge to help me understand what had happened and empowered me to positively prepare for my next birth. My second daughter is now 2 months old and I was able to enter my second labour with confidence and positivity, which made it a much more enjoyable experience! I would highly recommend that anyone who has unresolved feelings from a previous birth experience should take up Hilary’s birth reflection service, the care and support she offers is simply wonderful!” (K May 2018)